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  • CAL-CPA Employee Benefit Plans Annual Audit Virtual Conference

    June 12, 2020 OPERATIONAL ERRORS: PITFALLS AND SOLUTIONS Regulatory and reporting requirements surrounding employee benefit plan auditing are growing and changing Audit deficiencies are more common than firms care to see The risk of plan failures

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  • Employee Benefit Plans Annual Audit Conference

    The Nutty Professionals (Common Pitfalls and the Fix)  This seminar will address the most common operational errors, compensation issues, eligibility, late deposits, hardship, loans (interest rates, beginning payments) and corrections For more information, visit the conference website here

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  • Federal, State, Local & International Taxation Conference

    Federal, State, Local and International Taxation Conference brings together the great content from our Real Estate, International Tax and the Tax Update and Planning conferences into one Spend two days customizing your learning experience with session tracks for a variety of tax areas ideal for those starting out to

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  • The M.A.D. Workshop Series

    MAKING A DIFFERENCE WORKSHOPS Making Your Business Work Harder (and Smarter) For You
    This workshop specialize in training the world’s top entrepreneurs to deliver greater results with fewer problemsand less stress We will help you make a difference in your customer’s lives For more information and registration, visit the conference website

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  • LA Advanced Pension and 401(k) Conference

    The 2019 LA Advanced Pension & 401(k) Conference — designed especially for practicing pension actuaries and TPA retirement plan professionals — focuses on networking and education with hands-on learning about current regulatory, legislative, administrative, actuarial and consulting topics during sessions led by industry experts The conference comprises general sessions

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